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The WISE system was designed to provide a long range solution for access control applications operating in the license-free ISM (Industrial, Science, and Medical) frequency bands at 303 MHz. Simply install the WISE receiver to access control panels that use Wiegand based readers to provide long range access control. Operators simply use a WISE transmitter with a WISE receiver to transmit their unique ID number in a Wiegand bit format, the ID credentials cannot be altered by the user since no DIP switches are used thus ensuring no duplication of codes.

WISE-ST1 key fob

WISE-RUL Receiver Power requirements: 12-24 VDC, 50 mA (stand-by), 100mA (peak). A linear type power supply is recommended if a separate power supply is used. The unit can be powered by 5 VDC by placing a jumper across JP5 pads.

WISE encrypted key features and benefits include:

  • WISE one button transmitters are available in two formats, the WISE-ST1 key-fob and the WISE-VT1 car visor format.
  • WISE-ST1 transmitters can be paired with a proximity tag for close range building access doors.
  • Accepted world-wide using the ISM frequency band of 303 MHz
  • Weather resistant receiver housing enables it to be directly mounted outdoor. (NEMA 4X)
  • High level encryption ensure the transmitter's signals cannot be copied by vehicle visor code grabbers.
  • Variety of antennas: A convenient F-connector on the receiver enables a Whip or Dipole antenna to be connected in order to adjust the reception range from 100 to over 300 feet.

WISE-VT1 car visor

Proudly Canadian
ActiveSecure Inc.905-635-2993